Chasing Palm TreesFrank had always dreamed of living overseas. Now that he and his new bride had been hired to teach in Malaysia that dream was coming true. Except his dreams had never included unfaithful colleagues, campus drug dealers, nude photos, run-ins with police in Nepal, or a climatic disaster that would bring his marriage to the brink. It was the year of El Niño, and the adventure of a lifetime would waver between dream and nightmare, and lead Frank to realize that Iowa and Malaysia were separated by far more than a twenty hour flight.


Captive in ParadiseYoung backpackers have been traveling through Southeast Asia for decades, blissfully unaware of the political and social turmoil that surrounds them. That ignorance abruptly ends when eight travelers are kidnapped by a revolutionary organization and held captive in the rainforest of southern Thailand. Maimed, beaten and facing death, each much decide: stay and hope for rescue or attempt an escape that stands little chance of succeeding. This is the second book in the Frank Rose series and the first adventure in the series.


The Taj Malabar MurdersFrank Rose is living in southern India, slowly recovering from the hostage ordeal he survived in Thailand, when he is framed for a brutal triple homicide committed at the Taj Malabar Hotel. Pursued by the police, Hindu fanatics and a hired assassin, Frank must stay alive while he tries to solve the murders. The Taj Malabar Murders is the sequel to Captive in Paradise.



The Taj Malabar MurdersWhen Tom Kington left his family farm in rural Indiana to attend Colombia University he was seeking an opportunity to broaden his horizons. What he finds is a career in the foreign service. During his long, checkered life as a diplomat, Tom is forced to explore the true meaning of friendship while dealing with real historical events in the hot spots of the world.




At the start of 1966 Dennis Johnson was building models and playing with slot cars. After discovering rock and roll, and buying his first guitar, he became lead guitarist for The Moving Violation. This memoir is the story of how a guitar changed a young man’s life and led to a world of music and friendship. The Moving Violation was a high school band formed in 1967 in the southern suburbs of Chicago. Although the band only existed for two years, it was a memorable time in which they won the Bloom High School Battle of the Bands. In 2011 and 2012 R J interviewed Dennis and two former members of The Moving Violation who live in Denver. In 2013 Dennis and R J drove to St Louis and Chicago to interview the two remaining band members as well as Lee Abrams, the young entrepreneur who produced The Moving Violation’s 45. This memoir is based on those interviews, and contains original graphics from Dennis’ incredible treasure trove of memorabilia: records, photos, set lists, posters and much more. The Moving Violation is a personal look at the 60s, a time of peace, love, and endless possibilities.

All of R J Furth’s novels are available in print and on Kindle at www.amazon.com

R J Furth has completed two other novels: a young adult novel and a sequel to The Taj Malabar Murders, titled A Death in Amsterdam. He is also co-authoring a memoir about a guitarist’s first battle of the bands in Chicago in 1967.

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